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etón FR350
AM/FM/SW Portable

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FR350 Blue

Be prepared and aware with the Etón FR350 emergency radio. This affordable portable receives AM (530-1710 kHz), FM 88-108 MHz and the seven major shortwave bands. The shortwave bands are:  5800-6350, 6950-7500, 9350-10050, 11550-12200, 13400-14000, 15000-15700, 17400-18050 and 21200-21950 kHz. This radio has an analog tuning dial. This radio can be powered from four different sources:
1) From the built-in rechargeable Ni-MH battery that takes charge from the dynamo crank or the AC adaptor.
2) From three AA batteries (not included).
3) From AC adaptor alone.
4) From the dynamo crank alone, even with no battery pack installed.

There is also a built-in LED light source that is surprisingly bright. There is a mini earphone jack. A fine-tuning control knob is superimposed on the main tuning control knob for precise tuning. Pleasant audio is provided from the 2½ inch speaker. All antennas are built-in:  telescopic antenna for FM/SW and an internal ferrite bar antenna for AM. There is even a built-in siren for emergency signaling. There are jacks on the rear panel for:  earphone output, 4.5 VDC input and phone charger output. These jacks are protected under a water resistant rubber flap. The FR350 is not only perfect for emergencies, but also for camping, hiking, or anywhere you need to stay in touch.

The FR350 has the additional capability of recharging certain cell phones. Several common cellular power adapters are included with your FR-350. Eton is also including a very nice black canvas carry case and an AC adapter. This radio comes with an Owner's Manual and Eton Catalog. 8.7 x 4.5 x 2 inches 1.3 Lbs. Please note that this radio may come to you under either the Etón or Lextronix label.

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