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Tecsun PL-990

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Tecsun PL990

The Tecsun PL-990 is sophisticated portable receiver and audio player that represents the culmination of years of manufacturing experience. Coverage starts with long wave coverage from 100-519 kHz with 9 kHz steps and 1 kHz tuning for coverage of the European long wave broadcast. Medium wave coverage may be set for North America 520-1710 kHz 10 kHz steps 1 kHz fine tuning. Or for Europe and elsewhere from 522-1620 kHz in steps, 1 kHz fine tuning. Shortwave coverage is complete from 1711-29999 kHz in 5 kHz steps or 1 kHz fine-tuning steps. Superior SSB reception is possible with five available bandwidths: 0.5, 1.2, 2.3, 3 or 4 kHz. FM band coverage may be set for 64-108 MHz, 76-108 MHz, 84-180 or 87.5-108 MHz in 100 kHz or 10 kHz steps. Memory capacity of 3150 stations in 25 pages stores your favorite stations. The shortwave band is 25 times larger than the AM broadcast band! So Tecsun helps you navigate it with 7 channel selection methods: ATS-automatic search and storage, VM-manual search of pre-stored stations, VF-manual search of station frequency, direct input of station frequencies, direct input of pre-stored station address numbers, automatic searching of radio frequencies and automatic viewing of stored station frequencies.

Features include: LSB/USB synchronous detection tuning, FM stereo, tone switch, external antenna input, line output mini jack, adjustable display brightness, key lock, clock with dual alarms, sensitivity adjustment to local, medium or DX.

At the same time the PL-990 has an advance microSD card audio player supporting 16bit / 44.1 kHz WAV, FLAC, APE, WMA and MP3 format audio files.

Powered by an included 18650 lithium battery with USB smart charging function. Other supplied items include: protective carry pouch, USB charger, USB charging cable, external antenna, and earphone.

Operational Hint:
When your PL-990 arrives the 18650 battery will be wrapped in shiny clear plastic. Please remove this plastic before inserting the battery in the radio.

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#1990 21-C A[350] 320/320 Q150/199 CN 08/21