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WRTH 2023

2023 Edition

The famous "WRTH" has been respected for over seven decades as the definitive source of broadcast radio information. With the help of an international network of contributors, this invaluable annual provides the latest information on mediumwave, shortwave and FM broadcasts and broadcasters. Radios stations are listed by country and by frequency. Contact details for broadcasters of the world. Tuning tips, advice on ancillary equipment and hobby club information is included. The Features section includes articles on the Broadcasting History of Andorra, Broadcasting in the Falklands, History of Broadcasting Traffic Information, RDS The Radio Data System, Airi The World of Radio for Children, Mining the DX Data, DRM SW Broadcasting by BBC World Service, as well as other regular articles and updated color world transmitter maps. There are equipment reviews for the ELAD FDM-S3, Reuter RDR52, BELKA DX and Stampfl active dipole. The remaining pages are full of information on national and international broadcasts and broadcasters, clandestine and other target broadcasters, MW and SW frequency listings plus an extensive reference section. The National section of the book presents detailed, up-to-date FM, DAB and HD radio information. 848 pages. 77th Edition. ©2023. Published by Radio Data Center of Germany. Printed in England.

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