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Kaito KA108
AM/FM/SW MP3 Portable

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Kaito KA108

The Kaito KA108 is a great AM, FM stereo, shortwave receiver with a very special feature. It has a record function that allows you to record off the air automatically! It can save the MP3 audio to a Micro SD Card or USB Thumb Drive [up to 32 Gb] (neither included) inserted via the top panel. You can even set it to record automatically when you are sleeping. Medium wave tunes from 510 to 1710 kHz in 9 or 10 kHz steps. Shortwave coverage is continuous from 2.3 to 23 MHz. It also features a large backlit display that has an 8 second auto-fade feature that conserves battery life. The display shows:  battery capacity, stereo reception, signal meter and conventional alarm function with two programmable wake up times. A total of 400 memories are provided:  100 AM, 100 FM and 200 shortwave.

There is a Line Input Jack and stereo earphone output jack. Power charging input is via a side panel female micro-USB port. Size: 5.5 x 3.25 x 1 inches (140 x 90 x 25mm). The KA108 comes with:  BL5C Li-ion battery, USB-A to micro-USB charging cable, Owner's Manual and User's Quick-Guide. One year limited mfg. warranty.

Order # Photo Model Description Price Order
#6486 Blue Stand Tecsun BL-5C Li-ion battery [as supplied]
3.7V 1000mA. INFO
$8.95 Order
#6707 USB2A USB 2A Single output USB AC Adapter 100-240 VAC 50/60Hz
to 5 VDC 2000 mA. VIEW
(Does not include USB cable)
$9.95 Order
#6706 1128 DUAL 3A Dual output USB AC Adapter 100-240 VAC 50/60Hz
to 5 VDC 3400 mA. VIEW
(Does not include USB cable)
$11.95 Order
#6314 T1 MFJ-5431 Charging cable USB A to micro USB. 6 foot. [as supplied]. VIEW $3.98 Order
#2464 T1 Kaito T1 Roll-up wire antenna $9.95 Order

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