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Tecsun PL-660 SIL

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Tecsun PL-660 BLK

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Tecsun PL660

The Tecsun PL-660 is an compact portable radio covering AM (520-1710 kHz), long wave, shortwave (1711-29999 kHz), VHF air and FM bands. The radio comes with an awesome 2000 memories:  100 AM/FM/LW/Air, 200 SW, 200 SSB and 1200 for various bands (12x100). Features include dual timer, sensitivity, backlit display, SW/FM external antenna jack, SSB reception, stereo FM (to earphone jack), synchronous detection, keypad entry, dual conversion, manual tuning, scanning, DX/Normal/Local gain and ATS auto-tune storage. A sleep time may be adjusted from 1 to 120 minutes. The display even shows temperature and battery consumption! Available in silver (shown) or in black (not shown). Your Tecsun PL-660 system includes:  carry pouch, four Ni-MH AA cells, AC wall adapter/charger, stereo ear buds, wire antenna and manual. Please note that alkaline type batteries, if used, may not be recharged inside the radio. 7.4 x 1.3 x 4.5 in. 1.1 lbs.

Video Click here for video demonstration  [2:58 mins.]

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#0027 Prop book RADIO PROP Radio Propagation For Beginners
This introductory pamphlet covers the various modes of shortwave propagation and provides a brief explanation of the radio spectrum, a frequency to wavelength conversion chart and plans for a simple longwire antenna. VIEW
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   WRTH WRTH 2021 World Radio TV Handbook 2021
The authoritative annual directory of shortwave broadcast stations for over 75 years. Organized by country and frequency. Interesting articles, maps, equipment reviews. 672 pages. VIEW

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