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Portable Shortwave Receivers 

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Sangean ATS909X Sangean ATS909XBK

The ATS-909X is the new flagship of the Sangean line. It packs features and performance into a very compact and stylish package. Coverage includes all long wave (153-519 kHz), medium wave (520-1710 kHz) and all shortwave frequencies (1711-29999 kHz). FM and FM stereo to the headphone jack is also available (87.5-108 MHz). The new enlarged LCD features a bright white LED for excellent clarity.

Shortwave performance is enhanced with a DSP decoder IC and wide-narrow bandwidth switch. The ATS-909X provides unusually good single side band performance for a portable. SSB tuning in 40 Hz steps permits easy signal clarification. Enjoy a full watt of audio amplification (three times more than the older ATS-909). Five tuning methods are featured:  direct keypad entry, manual tuning, auto scan, manual up-down tuning, memory recall or manual knob tuning. The ATS-909X will display FM RDS / RBDS with PS, PTY, RT and CT features for station name and clock in areas where this service is available. 406 memories are available (FM 27, LW 9, MW 18, SW 352 and 1 priority preset). There is a built in world time clock supporting DST and with two editable city names. Other features include: Stereo/Mono switch, RF gain, squelch, auto scan and flip-stand. The left panel has jacks for recording, headphones, auxiliary input and AC input. This radio requires four AA cells (not included). This radio comes in a beautiful box with AC adapter, protective case, ANT-60 wind up antenna and ear buds. Made in China.

The ATS-909S BK is the same radio, but with a black case.

This new ATS-909X version offers many improvements over the original ATS-909:
  1. Added a battery charger
  2. Bigger LCD
  3. Higher illumination of white LED backlit LCD
  4. Rugged and firm cabinet
  5. Tripled audio output power to improve fidelity
  6. Additional Aux-in (LINE-IN)
  7. Improved controls and ergonomics
  8. Add squelch for adjusting seek sensitivity
  9. 99 presets more than ATS-909
10. Higher selectivity than ATS-909 by DSP tuner
11. Improved selectivity on the shortwave band
12. New Stainless telescopic antenna that is 2 inches longer to improve FM and SW reception
13. Improved battery cover and tilt stand
14. Independent headphone amplifier yielding a better signal to noise ratio

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#0022 Radio Stand MEDIUM CLR This translucent radio stand holds the radio
at the optimum operating angle. INFO
#5733 Gobag GO BAG Protective carry bag INFO $7.95

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