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CC Radio SWP
AM/FM/SW2 Portable

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Portable Shortwave Receivers 



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CC Radio SWP

The CC Radio SWP tunes AM, FM and has two shortwave bands. Shortwave band 1 tunes from 2300-7500 kHz and shortwave band 2 tunes from 9200-22000 kHz. Medium wave coverage is 520 to 1710 kHz tuning in either 9 or 10 kHz steps and and FM is 70-108 MHz. FM stereo is available to the earphone jack. This radio also features a clock with timer function and boasts 200 memories. There is a button to illuminate the display and a lock feature. This radio requires 3 VDC or two AA cells (not supplied). This radio comes with ear buds, wrist strap and protective vinyl carry case.

4.75 x 3 x 1.2 inches.

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    SWPA AC Adapter 110 VAC to 3 VDC. VIEW Discontinued

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