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Sangean PT10
AM/FM/SW-9 Portable


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Sangean PT10

The Sangean PT10 ProTravel is a compact analog radio featuring longwave, AM, FM and nine shortwave bands. Shortwave bands are:  3900-4000, 5900-6200, 7100-7350, 9400-9900, 11600-12100, 13600-13800, 15100-15700, 17500-17900 and 21400-21850 kHz.

Features include:  LED stereo indicator (operates when earphones are in use) and case. There is a Stereo-Mono switch on the left side of the radio. Has jack for external 3 - 6 VDC [ - ] power adapter (not supplied). Requires two AA cells (not supplied). Includes a butter-soft handcrafted, snap-on leather case.

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#5182 04-C D[070]050/040 Q019/028 CH 03/19