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Grundig S350
Side View

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Grundig S350 Side View

The side of the radio a switch for the built-in shortwave low pass filter, and also a switch for Stereo-Mono output to the Line Level Jack. (The earphone jack is strictly Mono).

The radio works well with its built in antenna and telescopic whip. But there is a terminal for a simple AM/SW wire antenna. There is a high impedance, spring loaded, red terminal to connect a wire antenna (20 to 50 feet recommended length). There is also a spring loaded black terminal to connect a ground to the radio.

For using an external FM antenna, there is a PAL connector. The PAL connector is common in Europe, but not widely used in the USA. Universal offers an optional PAL female to F female adapter shown below.

Order # Photo Item Description Your Price Order
#1156 Fp400 PAL F TO F PAL female to F female adapter.
Allows you to connect to the FM antenna input
with a common F connector.
  $2.29 Order

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