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Tecsun PL-505
Silver Case


Tecsun PL-505
Dark Gray Case


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Tecsun PL505

The Tecsun PL-505 is a compact portable radio that uses DSP (Digital Sound Processing) technology to provide an excellent listening experience with outstanding clarity and tone quality. The radio covers longwave 153-513 kHz, AM 520-1711 and all of shortwave (1711-29999 kHz). You can tune the radio four ways:  tuning knob, memory, ATS tuning and Tecsun's unique ETM - Easy Tuning Mode. Different from ATS, the ETM does a more comprehensive scanning of all receivable frequencies without taking up memory spaces. It offers easy access to all local stations and is ideal for traveling. You also get 550 regular memories for storing your favorite stations.

The PL-505 can be powered by two AA batteries (not included). It also has a 5V mini-USB DC input jack. When using the USB jack, the radio can be used to charge the batteries (rechargeable AA batteries only).

Your Tecsun PL-505 system includes:  carry pouch, antenna extender, stereo ear buds, wire antenna and manual. Available in black or silver.

Order # Photo Item Description Price Order
#5871 Blue Stand Kaito AD800 USB AC Adapter 100-240 VAC 50/60Hz
to 5 VDC 500mA mini-USB. INFO
$12.95 Order
#6799 USB USB CBL A USB Power / Charging cable only.
USB-A to Mini-USB (3 feet).
$4.95 Order

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#4505 15-16 D[060]045/045 Q020/028 CN 02/17 Gray/Black
#5505 15-C  D[060]045/045 Q020/028 CN 12/20 Silver