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Kaito KA900
AM/FM/SW/WX Portable

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Kaito KA900

The Kaito KA900 Voyager Max is the most advanced member of the Kaito Voyager family. This digital portable receiver is designed for both everyday use and emergency preparedness applications. As an emergency preparedness tool, it offers different methods to power up including an AC/DC adapter (optional), a built-in rechargeable 2,000 mAh lithium battery that can be charged by the optional AC adapter, hand cranking or a USB power source plus the patented flip-up 180-degree adjustable solar panel (that even works when no battery is installed).

As well as being your communications souce, the KA900 also is a great light source. The right side panel has a strong flashlight and the rear has a reading lamp.

The KA900's wide coverage includes AM, FM, shortwave and NOAA weather stations. If the radio is set at the Alert mode, it will be automatically activate when a NOAA alert message is sent.

Combining dual 1.5-inch speakers and pure digital circuitry, the KA900 delivers uncompromising sound quality and enhanced listening experience with outstanding clarity and minimal distortion. The Voyager Max is equipped with the latest Bluetooth technology that allows you to wirelessly stream audio/music from a Bluetooth compatible device, such as a smart phone. To take fully advantage of the KA900's built-in MP3 player and digital audio equalizer, you can also plug an audio device directly into a 3.5mm input jack or insert a micro-SD memory card with up to 32 Gb capacity.

This radio includes an installed 2,000 mAh li-ion rechargeable battery, 23-ft retractable shortwave antenna, Micro USB charging cable, Quick reference guide, owner's manual, registration card and excellent Emergency Preparedness Guidebook. 9.5 x 5.5 x 2.5 inches.

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  AD500 AD900 AC Adapter 6 VDC [+] VIEW Not in stock
#0027 Prop book RADIO PROP Radio Propagation For Beginners
This introductory pamphlet covers the various modes of shortwave propagation and provides a brief explanation of the radio spectrum, a frequency to wavelength conversion chart and plans for a simple longwire antenna. VIEW
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