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Tecsun R-9700DX

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Tecsun R9700DX

The Tecsun R-9700DX is a powerful, dual-conversion portable radio that covers AM (535-1610 kHz), FM and ten international shortwave broadcast bands. Shortwave coverage is:  3.7-4.25, 4.65-5.2, 5.85-6.4, 6.95-7.5, 9.45-10, 11.55-12.1, 13.45-14, 15.05-15.6, 17.55-18.1 and 21.4-21.95 MHz. Most shortwave radios these days feature a digital readout. But some people prefer an analog dial for simplicity and battery efficiency. The design is so intuitive, you will not even need to read the manual. The controls are easy to use. Simply select the shortwave band of interest and dial up or down. The tuning light will come on when a strong signal is detected. At night you may set the back-lighting to auto or constant. Stereo FM is provided to the earphone jack and there is a stereo tune LED.

The R-9700DX operates from 4 AA batteries (not supplied) or included AC adapter. Other provided items include: carry case, stereo ear buds, wire antenna and English manual. 7.1 x 1.35 x 4.55 inches 14 oz. (180x34x116mm 395g)

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   Blue Stand STAND MINI BLUE This mini translucent blue radio stand holds
the radio at the optimum operating angle.

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