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Boost Turbine 2000

Rechargeable Battery Pack

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Eton Boost Turbine 2000

The Eton Boost Turbine 2000 lets you charge your mobile device anytime, anywhere. You will never be without power for your G2! The Boost Turbine is made of tough, but lightweight aluminum with a sleek and elegant design that will fit right in your pocket. Fast and efficient, one minute of turning will power a 30 second call or a few critical texts. When fully charged it will fully recharge most smartphones. It features an integrated 2000 mAh Li-ion battery, a 4 LED charge indicator, standard USB output and micro-USB input. Supplied with micro-USB cable.
Available now in silver, red or white. 3.3 x 7 x 1.5 13 oz.

Order # Photo Model/Color Price Order
#5995 BT2000 WHT BT2000 WHT
$39.98 Order
#5994 BT2000 RED BT2000 RED
$39.98 Order
#5993 BT2000 SIL BT2000 SIL
$39.98 Order
  BT2000 BLK BT2000 BLK

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