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Uniden CR-2021
AM/FM/SW Portable



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Uniden CR-2021

The Uniden CR-2021 worldwide radio features AM and FM reception plus all shortwave frequencies (1.6-30 MHz). The triple conversion superheterodyne circuit also offers reception of CW (Morse Code) and SSB (Single Side Band) modes to hear amateur, military and aeronautical shortwave broadcasts. A built in ferrite bar antenna is provided for longwave and medium wave. A telescopic antenna is features for shortwave and FM and there is also an external antenna jack. Twelve memories are provided and you get direct keypad entry and a manual tuning knob as well. You can even have the radio scan between two frequencies [F1] and [F2]. Other enhancements include:  LED tune/battery indicator, BFO, Wide/Narrow Selectivity, Tone Control, Antenna Trimmer, Sleep Timer, Dial Lamp switch, record jack, external 12VDC jack and carry handle.

Size:  13 x 6.5 x 3.5 inches 5 lbs. (320x155x65mm 2.1 kg.). Requires six C cells and two AA cells (not supplied).

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1200-0014 Car battery cord 12 VDC. Discontinued 

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