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Sony CRF-320


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Sony CRF-320

The Sony CRF-320 Horizon Master is a double conversion, quartz synthesized digital receiver. It covers 150-30000 kHz to include longwave, medium wave and all shortwave frequencies. It also receives the FM band. The 4.75 inch speaker delivers full sound. Enhancements include:   inch headphone Jack, S/Battery Meter, Bass, Treble, RF Gain, Dial Lamp, Clock Timer, Noise Blanker, Dial Adjust, Local-DX Switch, Carry Handle, Record Jack, Aux. Input Jack, Muting and Antenna Trimmer. The model CRF-320K was similar, but with slide-out cassette deck. The later model CRF-320A featured an LCD rather than the mechanical digital clock found in the CRF-320.

Operates from 120 VAC or eight D cells (plus one D cell for clock). 17.8 x 12.25 x 8.2 inches 28 lbs. (451x308x207mm 13 kg). Click here to view larger.

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