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Sony CRF-330K
With Cassette Deck


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Sony CRF-330K

The Sony CRF-330K is a double conversion, quartz synthesized digital receiver. It covers 150-30000 kHz to include longwave, medium wave and all shortwave frequencies. It also receives the FM band. It features ergonomic controls. The digital display only operates on the shortwave frequencies with LW, MW and FM utilizing an analog dial

Enhancements include:   inch headphone Jack, S/Battery Meter, Bass, Treble, RF Gain, Dial Lamp, Clock Timer, Noise Blanker, Dial Adjust, Local-DX Switch, Carry Handle, Record Jack, Aux. Input Jack, Muting, Slide-Out Cassette Recorder, Antenna Trimmer, Built-in Mic.

The rear panel features separate antenna terminal pairs for: shortwave, FM band LW/MW antennas. Additionally there is a slide to switch to conventiently select the telespopic rod or external shortwave antenna. Plus there is a Local/DX Switch.

Later production units featured an LCD clock rather than a mechanical digital clock. The model CRF-320A was similar, but without the cassette deck.

17.8 x 13.2 x 8.2 inches 33 lbs. Click here to view larger.

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