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Sony ICF-SW55


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Sony ICF-SW55

The Sony ICF-SW55 is a great sounding portable with a real quality feel and a huge LCD display. It covers longwave, medium wave, shortwave and FM. Shortwave coverage is complete from 1.6-30 MHz with 1 kHz readout. It has many advanced features including:  Mini Headphone Jack, S-Indicator, Tone, 125 Alpha Memories, Sleep, RF Gain, Record Jack, Dial Lamp, Dial Lamp Switch, Timer Tilt Bar, Two Tuning Rates, Keypad entry, Clock-Timer, Manual Tuning, Sweep, Up-Down Tune, Dial & Keypad Lock and Record Activation. 7.75 x 5 x 1.5 inches 1.8 lbs. (194x127x39mm 900g).

Supplied with AC adapter, earphones, system carry case, AN-71 windup antenna and external antenna connector.

Order # Item Description Price Order
  AC-E60HG AC Adapter Output 6 VDC 700 mA. [+] INFO Discontinued
  DCC-E160L 12 VDC car battery cord with output of 6 VDC 750 mA. Discontinued
  FLIP SW55 Replacement flip stand. 3-370-402-01 VIEW  Discontinued

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