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Sangean MS-112
AM/FM/SW Radio


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Sangean MS-112

The Sangean MS-112 covers AM from 530-1700 kHz, FM 88-108 MHz and shortwave in ten bands. Shortwave bands cover:  4.75-5.06, 5.9-6.2, 7.07-7.44, 9.5-9.9, 11.65-12.05, 13.57-13.91, 15.1-15.6 and 17.5-17.9, 21.45-21.86 and 25.67-26.15 MHz. Features include:  FM stereo to mini headphone jack, Stereo/Mono Switch, FM Stereo LED indicator and Tune LED indicator. Audio output is 120mW to the built-in 2 inch 8 ohm speaker. This radio operates from two AA cells (not supplied) plus there is a 3 VDC 200 mA input jack. 5.1 x 2.9 x 1.1 inches.

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