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Toshiba RP-F11
AM/FM/SW Portable


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Toshiba RP-F11

The Toshiba RP-F11 is a high quality eleven band world band radio. Bands are selected electronically with soft-touch buttons. The selected band is indicated by red LEDs. Enjoy nine bands of shortwave wave coverage:  2.3-5.1, 5.8-6.3, 7-7.5, 9.4-9.9, 11.6-12.1, 13.5-14, 15.1-15.6, 17.5-18 and 21.4-21.9 MHz. There is a three-way Tone selection switch and analog tuning meter.

Size:  5.1 x 3.1 x 1.1 inches. Requires four AA cells (not supplied)

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