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Sangean ATS-800A
AM/FM/SW Radio



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Sangean ATS-800A

The Sangean ATS-800A follows on the success of the ATS-800, but with extended shortwave coverage and other with improvements. This compact radio tunes AM from 530-1620 kHz, shortwave from 2300-7300 kHz and 9500-26100 kHz plus FM from 87.5-108 MHz. FM stereo is provided to the headphone jack. Enjoy 20 memories. Other features include:  Mono/Stereo Switch and lock function. There is a built-in clock that can wake you to radio or a buzzer plue you get an adjustable 90 to 10 minute sleep timer. Unlike the ATS-800, the ATS-800A has a switch to select either 9 or 10 kHz AM tuning steps and there is a separate LED tune indicator. There are indicators for:  stereo/mono, battery and tuning. The ATS-800A requires four AA cells (not supplied). There is an external power jack for an external 6 VDC power adapter. 7.1 x 4.3 x 1.2 inches 1.3 lbs.

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