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Magnavox D2999


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Magnavox D2999

The Magnavox D2999 is a general coverage receiver, covering all longwave, AM and shortwave frequencies plus the FM band. Frequency selection may be via manual tuning or direct keypad entry. There are also 16 available memory presets, for any combination of AM, FM, SW or LW stations. Manual tuning is available via three tuning speeds. The desired band is selected via band buttons along the top front edge.

A built in 12/24 hour clock timer with alarm is featured. There is a separately switchable AM gain and BFO control for stable CW/SSB reception. There is a bandwidth switch to select Narrow or Wide selectivity. Other refinements include: S-Meter, Local-DX Switch, Sweep Search, and two built in ferrite antennas (for LW & MW).

The switchable 7 inch woofer and 3 inch tweeter, makes this one of the best sounding portable shortwave radios ever! And there are separate Bass and Treble controls. This receiver is powered from AC, external DC or six D cells (not supplied). Three AA cells are required for memory backup. The carry handle can be swung above or below the radio and can be used as a tilt stand. 12.5 x 4.3 x 9.75 inches.

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#2697 DIN 2 PIN Audio plug for external speaker jack. VIEW $1.59 Order
#4849 PAL FEM Antenna plug [KOK] to fit external antenna jacks. VIEW $4.99 Order

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