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Sony ICF-7600
AM/FM/SW Radio


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Sony ICF-7600

The Sony ICF-7600 portable receiver covers AM, FM 76-108 MHz and five shortwave bands. This dual conversion portable has an analog dial. Shortwave coverage is:  3900-4000, 5950-6200, 9500-9800, 11700-12000 and 15100-15000 kHz. The radio features a 3 inch speaker, power lock button, and three way tone switch. There are jacks for earphone, record output and 6VDC input.

4.675 x 7.125 x 1.25 inches 1 lb. 5 oz. (179x117x31mm 600g). Requires four AA cells (not supplied). Supplied with earphone.

The Sony ICF-7600W is the same radio, but with FM covering 87.6-108 MHz.

Item Description Price Order
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