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Panasonic RF-1150
Shortwave Receiver


Replaced by the
Panasonic RF-2200

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Panasonic RF-1150

The Panasonic RF-1150 receives the AM, FM and 3 shortwave bands. Ranges:  .525-1.65, 1.6-3.9, 3.9-12, 12-30 MHz. There is also a CB bandspread dial covering 26.8-28 MHz. This radio features an analog dial. It operates from 120 VAC (cord) or from four D cells. It has an Tune/battery Meter, BFO, FM AFC, DX/Local Switch, Fine Tuning Knob, Bass, Treble, Dial Lamp, Dial Lamp Switch. There are jacks for earphone out, MPX output and record output. There are two terminals on the back panel for FM or AM wire antennas. There is a 0-120 minute mechanical power-off timer. The rotatable ferrite rod antenna makes the RF1150 a strong medium wave performer. 40 inch telescopic antenna.

Size 10 x 10 x 4 inches 6.8 lbs. With carry strap.

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#0000 00 D000/000 Q130/160 JP 06/11