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Panasonic RF-799
Shortwave Receiver


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Panasonic RF799

The Panasonic RF-799 receives the long wave, AM, FM and 12 shortwave bands. AM band is 530 to 1610 kHz. FM is from 87.5-108 MHz. Shortwave coverage is:   2.3-2.935, 2.94-3.575, 3.58-4.215, 4.54-5.175, 5.82-6.455, 7.1-7.735. 9.5-10.135, 11.58-12.215, 15.1-15.735, 17.5-18.135, 21.34-21.975 and 25.5-26.135 MHz. The tuning step on shortwave is 5 kHz. The RF-799 is a single conversion, microprocessor controlled, PLL synthesized portable has ten memories. The digital LCD is backlit. Tuning is via keypad entry, up/down tuning or memory selection. The built in clock has an alarm and sleep function. Operates from 110 VAC or four C cells plus two AA cells for the clock circuit (batteries not supplied). Other enhancements include:  3.5 inch speaker, dial lock, carry handle and LED tune indicator. There are jacks for external antenna and earphone.

11.4 x 6.6 x 3.5 inches 3.6 Lbs.

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#XXXX 82-85 D300/240 Q070/110 JP 11/08