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Panasonic RF-8000
Shortwave Receiver


Replaced by the
Panasonic RF-9000

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Panasonic RF-8000

The impressive Panasonic RF-8000 receives the longwave, AM, FM and shortwave bands plus gives you continuos coverage of VHF from 30 to 230 MHz. Its superior double superheterodyne circuit used 4 ICs, 1 FET and 73 transistors. SSB and CW reception is supported on shortwave. You get incredible 24 band coverage: LW 150-400 kHz, MW 520-1610 kHz, MB1 1.5-3 MHz, MB2 3-5.5 MHz, SW1 5.5-6.5, SW2 7-8 MHz, SW3 9-10 MHz, SW4 11.5-12.5, SW5 14-15 MHz, SW6 15-16 MHz, SW7 17.5-18.5, SW8 21-22 MHz, SW9 25.5-26.5, SW10 26.5-27.5, SW11 28-29 MHz, SW12 29-30 MHz. VHF1 30-40 MHz, VHF2 40-55, VHF3 55-76, VHF4 76-90, VHF5 88-108 MHz, VHF6 108-136 MHz, VHF7 136-176 and VHF8 176-230 MHz. Features include: crystal calibrator, FM AFC, Automatic Noise Limiter, and automatic 24 button band selector. Dual speakers plus separate bass and treble controls provide great sound.

A built in ferrite core antenna provides reception on longwave, medium wave plus marine band 1 and marine band 3. The frame antenna is for shortwave bands 1 to 12. The dual telescopic antennas are used for VHF bands 1 to 8. The radio operates from eight D cells or 120 VAC. The clock also requires its own D cell. 20.25 x 14.25 x 8.375 inches 48.8 Lbs. (512x361x213mm 21.2 kg).

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#0000 81-81 D000/000 Q000/000 JP 06/12 R5