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Panasonic RF-B10
Shortwave Receiver


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Panasonic RFB-10

The Panasonic RF-B10 covers AM from 530-1610 kHz and six shortwave bands:  5950-6200, 7100-7300, 9500-9900, 11650-12050, 15100-15600, 17550-17900 kHz plusd FM from 88-108 MHz. The RF-B10 features an analog display and 2 inch 8 ohm speaker. This radio has a DX-Local switch and LED tune indicator.

There an earphone jack (3.5mm mono 8 ohm). Operates from two AA cells (not supplied). 4.3 x 2.375 x 0.875 inches 5.5 oz. (110x70x23mm 145g).

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88-91 D 090/080 Q030/U040 07/09