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Panasonic RF-B65
Shortwave Receiver


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Panasonic RFB-65

The Panasonic RF-B65 covers 153 to 29999 kHz with a digital display and FM from 87.5-108 MHz. Modes of reception include AM and CW/SSB. This double conversion receiver has great sensitivity and is big on features. You get keypad entry, 36 memories, S-meter, lock button, dual clock-timer with sleep (60 min), two speed manual tuning, up-down tuning and fine tuning. Fast tuning provides 5 kHz steps on shortwave and 9 or 10 kHz on medium wave. Slow tuning is 1 kHz on LW, MW and SW. All the receiver's controls are easy to use.

The left side panel of the radio has a Local/DX Sensitivity Switch and there are external jacks for earphone (3.5mm mono 8 ohm), external antenna (3.5mm) and 6 VDC in.

Operates from six AA cells. 8 x 4.675 x 1.3 inches 1.4 lbs. (198x118x34mm 625g). The Panasonic RF-B60 is similar but does not support SSB/CW reception.

Order # Item Description Price Order
  RP-63 AC Adapter. 120 VAC. Discontinued
  RP-65 AC Adapter. 120 VAC. Discontinued
  RP-993 Car Adapter. Discontinued
#4622 ANT RFB65 Replacement telescopic whip antenna. VIEW  $18.98 Order

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