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Discontinued Shortwave Portable Receivers  


Coby CX-CB12 Analog AM/FM/SW-12
CX-CB91 Digital AM/FM/SW-7
County Comm ETFR Digital AM/FM/SW-2
GP-4L Digital AM/FM/SW-2
GP-5/SSB Digital LW/AM/FM/SW
C Crane SW Digital AM/FM/SW-3
SWP Digital AM/FM/SW-2
Degen DE    15 Digital AM/FM/SW
DE1126 Digital AM/FM/SW/MP3
DE1127 Digital AM/FM/SW/MP3
Freeplay FPR1 AM/FM/SW Emergency
FPR2S-GSW Analog AM/FM/SW-1 Emergency
Grundig/Eton Cosmopolit Analog AM/FM/SW-7 Cassette
E1 / E1 XM Digital AM/FM/SW/XM
E    5 Digital AM/FM/SW
E  10 Digital AM/FM/SW
E100 Digital AM/FM/SW
E1100 Digital AM/FM/SW-10
eTraveller VII Digital AM/FM/SW-2
Executive Satellit Digital LW/AM/FM/SW/AIR
Executive Traveler Digital AM/FM/SW
Field Digital AM/FM/SW
Field BT Digital AM/FM/SW
FR200 Emergency Analog AM/FM/SW-2
FR250 Emergency Analog AM/FM/SW-7
FR350 Emergency Analog AM/FM/SW-7
FR500 Emergency Digital AM/FM/SW/WX
FR600 Emergency Digital AM/FM/SW/WX
FRX-5 SWL Digital AM/FM/SW Quad Powered
G2 Reporter Digital AM/FM/SW/MP3
G3 Globe Traveler Digital LW/AM/FM/SW/AIR
G3D Platinum Digital Digital AM/FM/SW-2
G4 Executive Digital AM/FM/SW-6
G4 Digital LW/AM/FM/SW/MP3
G5 Digital LW/AM/FM/SW
G6 Aviator Digital LW/AM/FM/SW/AIR
G6 Aviator - Buzz Aldrin Edition Digital LW/AM/FM/SW/AIR
G8 Traveler II Digital LW/AM/FM/SW
G100 Digital AM/FM/SW
G4000A Digital LW/AM/FM/SW
G1000A Digital AM/FM/SW-8
G1100B Digital AM/FM/SW-10
G2000A/B Porsche Design Digital AM/FM/SW-2
M300PE Mini World, GM300PE Mini World Digital AM/FM/SW-7
Mini Digital AM/FM/SW
M400 Digital AM/FM/SW
Mini World 100/Mini World 100 PE Analog AM/FM/SW-6
RK-709 Analog LW/AM/FM/SW-9
S350 Digital AM/FM/SW
S350DL Digital AM/FM/SW
S450DLX Digital AM/FM/SW
Satellit Digital LW/AM/FM/SW/AIR
Satellit 400 Digital LW/AM/FM/SW
Satellit 500 Digital LW/AM/FM/SW
Satellit 650 Digital LW/AM/FM/SW
Satellit 700 Digital LW/AM/FM/SW
Satellit 750 Digital LW/AM/FM/SW/AIR
Satellit 800 Digital LW/AM/FM/SW/AIR
Traveller II Analog, Traveller II PE Analog Analog AM/FM/SW-5
Traveler III Digital AM/FM/SW
YB-205 Analog LW/AM/FM/SW-9
YB-206 Analog LW/AM/FM/SW-12
YB-220 Analog LW/AM/FM/SW-9
YB-230 Analog LW/AM/FM/SW-13
YB-300PE Digital AM/FM/SW-2
YB-305 Digital AM/FM/SW
YB-400, YB-400PE Digital LW/AM/FM/SW
YB-500 Digital LW/AM/FM/SW
YB-550PE Digital AM/FM/SW
Kaiwa KA-818 Digital AM/FM/SW-6
Kaito KA  007 Analog AM/FM/VHF Hi/TV/WX/SW-4
KA  008 Digital AM/FM/SW
KA    11 Digital AM/FM/SW
KA  600 Digital AM/FM/SW/WX
KA  801 Digital AM/FM/SW+MP3
KA1101 Digital AM/FM/SW-2
KA1102 Digital AM/FM/SW
KA1103 Digital AM/FM/SW
KA1107 Analog AM/FM/SW
KA1121 Digital LW/AM/FM/SW+MP3
KA1123 Digital AM/FM/SW+MP3
KA2100 Digital AM/FM/SW
Kchibo KK-E200 Digital AM/FM/SW-2
Kenwood R-11 Analog AM/FM/SW-9
Lextronix E1100 Digital AM/FM/SW-10
Luke DP976 Analog AM/FM/SW-14 Emergency
Magnavox AE3625 Digital AM/FM/SW
D2935 Digital LW/AM/FM/SW
D2999 Digital LW/AM/FM/SW
Panasonic RF-  085 Analog AM/FM/SW
RF- 799 Digital AM/FM/SW
RF-1150 Analog AM/FM/SW
RF-1600 Analog AM/FM/SW/MB/AIR/VHF
RF-2200 Analog AM/FM/SW
RF-2600 Digital AM/FM/SW
RF-2800, RF-2900 Digital AM/FM/SW
RF-3000A Analog LW/AM/FM/SW
RF-5000 Analog LW/AM/FM/SW
RF-6300 Digital LW/AM/FM/SW
RF-8000 Analog LW/AM/FM/SW
RF-9000 Digital LW/AM/FM/SW
RFB-  10 Analog AM/FM/SW
RFB-  20 Analog LW/AM/FM/SW
RFB-  40 Digital LW/AM/FM/SW
RFB-  45 Digital LW/AM/FM/SW
RFB-  60, RFB-  60L Digital LW/AM/FM/SW
RFB-  65 Digital LW/AM/FM/SW
RFB-300 Digital AM/FM/SW
Philips AE3905 Digital LW/AM/FM/SW
DC777, DCC811, DC942 Digital AM/FM/SW Cars Radios
Sangean ATS-202 Digital AM/FM/SW
ATS-303 Digital AM/FM/SW
ATS-404 Digital AM/FM/SW
ATS-505 Digital LW/AM/FM/SW
ATS-505P Digital LW/AM/FM/SW
ATS-606/606A/606AP Digital LW/AM/FM/SW
ATS-800, ATS-800A Digital AM/FM/SW
ATS-801, ATS-802 Digital LW/AM/FM/SW
ATS-803, ATS-803A Digital LW/AM/FM/SW
ATS-808, ATS-808A Digital LW/AM/FM/SW
ATS-818 Digital LW/AM/FM/SW
ATS-818CS, ATS-818ACS Digital LW/AM/FM/SW with Cassette
ATS-909 Digital LW/AM/FM/SW
DRM-40 Digital AM/FM/SW/SW-DRM
MS-101 Analog AM/FM/SW-7
MS-112 Analog AM/FM/SW-10
PT-10 Analog LW/AM/FM/SW-9
PT-50 Digital AM/FM/SW
PT-80 Digital LW/AM/FM/SW
PT-633 Analog AM/FM/SW-9
SG-622 Analog AM/FM/SW-10
SG-702/702L, SG-702A Analog AM/FM/SW
SG-789A/789LA Analog AM/FM/SW
SG-792/792L/792AL Analog AM/FM/SW
Sharp FV-610 Digital LW/AM/FM/SW
CRF-150, CRF-160 Analog LW/AM/FM/SW
CRF-230 Analog LW/AM/FM/SW
CRF-320, CRF-320A Digital LW/AM/FM/SW
CRF-330K Digital LW/AM/FM/SW with cassette
CRF-5090, CRF-5100 Analog LW/AM/FM/SW/AIR/[VHF]
CRF-V21 Digital LW/AM/FM/SW/Wx Satl.
ICF-2001 Digital LW/AM/FM/SW
ICF-2002 Digital LW/AM/FM/SW
ICF-2003 Digital LW/AM/FM/SW
ICF-2010 Digital LW/AM/FM/SW/VHF-Air
ICF-4900 Analog AM/FM/SW
ICF-4910 Analog AM/FM/SW
ICF-4920 Analog AM/FM/SW
ICF-5800L, ICF-5900W Analog AM/FM/SW
ICF-6500W Digital AM/FM/SW
ICF-7600 Analog AM/FM/SW
ICF-7600A Analog AM/FM/SW
ICF-7601 Analog AM/FM/SW
ICF-7700 Digital LW/AM/FM/SW
ICF-SW07 Digital LW/AM/FM/SW
ICF-SW11 Analog LW/AM/FM/SW-9
ICF-SW12 Analog LW/AM/FM/SW-9
ICF-SW12 Analog LW/AM/FM/SW-9
ICF-SW15 Analog /AM/FM/SW
ICF-SW20 Analog AM/FM/SW
ICF-SW22 Analog AM/FM/SW
ICF-SW30 Digital AM/FM/SW
ICF-SW33 Digital AM/FM/SW
ICF-SW35 Digital LW/AM/FM/SW
ICF-SW40 Digital LW/AM/FM/SW
ICF-SW55 Digital LW/AM/FM/SW
ICF-SW77 Digital LW/AM/FM/SW
ICF-SW100S Digital LW/AM/FM/SW
ICF-SW600 Analog LW/AM/FM/SW
ICF-SW800 Digital FM/SW
ICF-SW1000T Digital LW/AM/FM/SW with Cassette
ICF-SW7600 Digital LW/AM/FM/SW
ICF-SW7600G, ICF-SW7600GS Digital LW/AM/FM/SW
ICF-SW7600GR Digital LW/AM/FM/SW
TR-724 Analog AM/SW
SuperSonic SC-1099 Digital AM/FM/SW-7
Tecsun PL-210 Digital LW/AM/FM/SW
PL-390 Digital AM/FM/SW
PL-398BT Digital LW/AM/FM/SW
PL-398MP Digital LW/AM/FM/SW
PL-505 Digital LW/AM/FM/SW
Toshiba RP-F11 Digital AM/FM/SW-9
Uniden CR-2021 Digital AM/FM/SW
UniWave Di-Wave 100 Digital LW/AM/FM/SW [DRM]
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