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Timewave ANC-4
Noise Canceller

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Timewave ANC-4

The ANC-4 was originally developed by JPS, but is now being manufactured exclusively by Timewave. It is an RF device designed to provide cancellation of locally generated noise from signals received by a primary antenna.

The unit is employed right at the antenna connector of the receiver to cancel noise from power lines, computers, TVs or nearby equipment. This device cancels locally generated noise before it reaches the receiver or transceiver. Front panel controls are provided to allow adjustment of both phase and magnitude of the local interference, providing extremely deep cancellation of the offending noise. May also be used with transceivers with RF power under 250 watts PEP. The supplied short wire antenna is used by the ANC-4 to receive the nearby noise it is going to cancel. There is also an RCA jack to connect a larger noise monitoring antenna if desired.

Generally speaking:
For in-shack noise cancellation, the supplied wire antenna is best.
For in-house cancellation, some kind of noise sensing antenna near the power distribution box works well.
For neighbor noise cancellation, an outdoor antenna is best.

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Operational range:  500 kHz to 80 MHz. The rear panel standard SO-239 connectors for antenna input and output. Size:  6W x 1.7H x 4.3D inches. Requires 12 VDC @300 mA. The optional AC-8 power supply may be used. Current production includes a wire antenna (earlier production had a built-in telescopic noise antenna).

Click here to view the Spec. Sheet [PDF 149K].
Click here to preview the Owner's Manual [PDF 343K].

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  Timewave AC-1 Power Supply 13.8 VDC   700 mA. Discontinued
  Timewave AC-8 Power Supply 13.5 VDC 1000 mA. Not in stock

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