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RF Systems AA-2
LW and MW
Antenna Coupler


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RF Systems AA-2

The RF Systems AA-2 antenna adapter makes it possible to connect an external longwave or medium antenna to every portable radio. Many portables have an external antenna jack but it only functions on shortwave or above. Or if it does connect to the medium wave band, it does not disengage the radio's internal ferrite bar antenna. The result is interference. The AA-2 antenna coupler produces a strong magnetic field which will transfer the signals of the outdoor antenna to the ferrite bar in the radio. The magnetic field of the AA-2 is so strong that it overrules the nearby interference picked-up by the ferrite bar. The result is an enormous improvement in long wave and medium wave reception. The input to the AA-2 is an SO-239 jack which is ready to accept a standard PL-259 plug from your antenna lead-in cable. The frequency range of the AA-2 is 100 kHz to 2 MHz.

In order to work properly the AA-2 must be placed to the rear side of the portable, close to the location of the internal ferrite bar antenna. If medium wave overload occurs you must place the AA-2 a bit further from the radio. This will reduce the inductive coupling effect and reduce the amount of signal transferred to the radio.

The AA-2 is a cylinder that is 7.5 inches (190 mm) long. Made in Holland.

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