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Palstar MW550P
MW Tuner
Preselector Amplifier


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Palstar MW550P

The Palstar MW550P is a tuner, preselector and amplifier primarily designed with the medium wave DXer in mind. It can be used with any communications receiver. The range of the tuner section is specified from 500 kHz to 1800 kHz (but tunes up to approximately 2800 kHz). A 6 to 1 vernier tuning knob on the front panel allows precise adjustment. The tuner and amp provides 4 to 12 dB of gain. The bandwidth is adjust to an incredibly narrow 2 to 6 kHz with input coupling control and narrow-wide switching.

The preamp features a high level dual Jfet amp with a bandwidth of 150 kHz to 40 MHz. A complete bypass switch is provided. The rear panel features an SO239 input for a standard 50 ohm coaxial feedline or a terminal for longwire/Beverage antenna. Output is an SO239 jack. An earth ground is required for proper operation. Size: 8.25 x 4.25 x 9 inches 6 lbs. An AC wall power supply providing 12 VDC is required for this device (and is no longer supplied). This item is still available factory direct from Palstar.

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