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Dressler EWPA-5200
Mast Mounted
VHF/UHF Preamp


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Dressler EWPA

The Dressler EWPA-5200 LL is a very high performance, low-noise preamplifier designed for mast mounting on Discone, Log Periodic or Yagi type broadband scanner antennas. This preamp is for 50 to 2000 MHz. Gain is 12.5-14.5 dB. The 3rd order IP3 is +35 dBm.

Operates from 12.5 VDC 100 mA. with supplied power adapter. This preamp is for receive-only applications (not transmitting). It utilizes N connectors. This "LL" low loss version includes 40 feet of LMR240 coax with an N male at each end. The short LMR240 N to N coax jumper from the preamp to your antenna is also supplied. Additionally the short RG58 jumper from the control box to your receiver is also provided. This RG58 jumper is BNC to BNC. A BNC to N male adapter is also included if your receiver has an N connector.

Made in Germany. Click here to view system diagram.

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