RF Systems DA8
Distribution Amp


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RF Systems DA-8

The RF Systems DA-8 distribution amplifier permits using up to eight receivers from one antenna without signal loss and with full isolation. The DA-8 handles signals from 10 kHz to 30 MHz (usable range is 5 kHz to 50 MHz). The DA-8 utilizes nine SO-239 jacks (1 input and 8 output). Six month manufacturer's limited warranty. Made in Holland. The rear panel has a 1/4 amp fuse holder.

Insertion Gain: ± 2 dB (all ports terminated)
Output to Input Isolation: > 65 dB
Isolation Between Outputs: > 22 dB
Required Voltage: 100-130 VAC 50/60 Hz
Maximum Input/Output Level: 10 volts peak-peak into 50 ohms
Noise Figure: typically > 8 dB at 30 MHz
Dynamic Range: > 125 dB

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