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Apex Radio LNA-125

The Apex Radio LNA-125 is designed for the serious VHF air band enthusiast. This preamp, with bandpass filter, can mount at the base of the Apex Radio 713G-DA antenna. It features an N plug to connect to the antenna base, and feeds to a female N. It is designed to fit perfectly inside the mast of the 713G-DA. This preamp covers 108-135 MHz in receive mode only!

This preamp requires 10-12 VDC at 100mA (2.1/5.5 mm jack). This voltage is sent up the coaxial line. It is feed via the included Apex DCBT-12 bias tee. The user must supply an N to BNC cable to connect the LNA-125 to the DCBT-12. Also includes BSP-05M2VX 18 inch BNC to SMA patch cord.

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