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Bonito ASM300

USB Antenna Switch

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Antenna Switches 

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Bonito ASM300

The Bonito ASM300 RadioJet is 3-way USB controlled receive antenna switch and mixer. It allows you to operate up to 3 antennas into one receiver. Additionally, you can also combine the 3 antenna inputs. It is designed to handle signals from 9 kHz to 300 MHz. Typical insulation between inputs: <0.3 MHz 70dB, <1 MHz 55dB, <30 MHz 45dB. The rear panel features one BNC antenna output and three BNC jacks for three antennas.

This device is powered from a USB power source (5 VDC at 50 mA) and the shielded USB cable is included. Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8) control software is provided.

Please note that this device is for receive only and can not be used with a transceiver or transmitter.
This product is made in Germany.

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