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Kiwa Shortwave Preamp

The Kiwa Shortwave Preamp operates from 1.8 to 30 MHz, providing up to 10 dB of gain. It has low impedance antenna input at 50 ohms, as well as high impedance input at 400 to 800 ohms. It has has SO-239 jacks for low impedance input and output and screw terminals for high. This device can operate from 12 VAC at 120 mA or 12 VDC at 60 mA.

The Kiwa Broadband Preamp is the same as the Kiwa Shortwave Preamp, but without the BCB rejection filter. I has the same low noise amplifier with the same high immunity ot overload. The gain is 10 dB from 100 kHz to 30 MHz. It is well suited to the medium wave DXer who has long wire or beverage antennas.

The Kiwa Broadband Preamp Version 2 has been redesigned to provide improved high signal immunity.

These items are no longer available from Universal Radio. Please contact Kiwa directly for current availability.

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