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Ameco PT-2
Transceiver Preamplifier


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Ameco PT-2

The Ameco PT-2 preamplifier uses a dual-gate FET transisitor (RCA 40673) to provide superior cross-over protection. This transceiver preamp provides continued tuning from 1.8 to 60 MHz. It boosts signals up to 26 dB. It bypasses itself automatically during transmit. It also can serve as a master power control for station equipment. This device can be used for transceivers operating with 300 watts or less. Not for use with amplifiers. The transceiver must be plugged into the rear panel of the PT-2. The rear panel has a coaxial pig tail output to PL-259 plug. Red and green lamps indicate whether the PT-2 is in receive or transmit mode.

117 VAC operation.

The Ameco PLF-2 is similar but is for receiver use only. 117 VAC.

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