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Blackout Buddy

Carbon Monoxide &
Natural Gas Alarm

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Eton Blackout Buddy

Finally! You can now protect you and your family from two household threats. The newest member of the Eton Blackout Buddy series can detect both Carbon Monoxide and natural gas. Digital display shows PPM level of CO or “GAS” when alarming. With easy-to-use controls. Just leave the Blackout Buddy plugged into an AC wall outlet. It also features an emergency LED flashlight and motion activated multi-color nightlight.

he Blackout Buddy CO & Natural Gas is ETL Certified to UL2034 CO standards and UL1484 standards for Natural Gas (Methane) detection. If dangerous conditions are detected the BB Connect CO & Gas will blast and alarm and send you a push notification to your phone, no matter where you may be.

Includes built-in Lithium-ion battery for the light and 9 Volt battery for the alarm function.

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