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Protect your valuable equipment from unplanned current surges with a Laird (Cushcraft) constant impedance LAC4 series arrester. The LAC4 has a replaceable gas discharge tube which clamp voltage surges to less than 50 volts in about 100 nanoseconds - much quicker than than the voltage rise time of lightning. (Please note that this device may not protect equipment against a direct lightning strike). Four models are available, depending on desired frequency range and transmit power. All metal construction. Made in U.S.A. These units must be grounded to earth properly to function. Like all surge protectors we sell, these devices will not offer protection in the event of a direct lightning strike.

Order # Model Coverage Power Connectors List Price Your Price Order
  LAC4 0-500 MHz 200 Watts SO239 Discontinued
  LAC4N 0-3000 MHz 200 Watts N Female Discontinued
  LAC4H 0-500 MHz 2000 Watts SO239 Discontinued
  LAC4NH 0-3000 MHz 2000 Watts N Female Discontinued

Replacement cartridges are available in two version depending on power.

Order # Model Cartridge for: Power List Price Your Price Order
  LC2 LAC4 or LAC4N   200 Watts Discontinued
  LC2KW LAC4H or LAC4NH 2000 Watts Discontinued

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