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Transitrap LT

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Transitrap LT

Present day receivers utilize solid-state components and have very sensitive "front ends". These radios are much more susceptible to lightning and static problems than their tube-type predecessors. Fortunately, protection technology has improved. Unlike the old "air-gap" lightning arrestors, the Transi-Trap LT utilizes a hermetically sealed gas filled cylinder which has very reliable and predictable switching characteristics.

In operation, the application of sufficient voltage across the element causes an arc to form between the sealed electrodes changing its impedance from greater than 10,000 megohms to a few milliohms in less than 100 nano-seconds! Unlike other suppressors, the Transi-Trap directs the discharged current to an isolated ground terminal versus the coaxial ground system. The Transi-Trap model LT has a replaceable plug. Protect your equipment. The LT is for receive and transmit up to 200 watts and under 30 MHz. Like all surge protectors we sell, this device will not offer protection in the event of a direct lightning strike.

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#1503 Pill for LT Replacement cartridge for the LT. $17.95

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