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The Alpha Delta RT/N 2G and HV/N 2G Second Generation units both offer protection to 2000 MHz (2 GHz) with extremely low loss. Both use high quality N connectors for input and output. The HV/N 2G is for high power applications (up to 2000 watts). The RT/N 2G (shown above) is for low power (under 200 watts) and receive applications. For scanner or wideband applications we suggest the RT/N 2G. The protectors come with a bolt, washer and lug as shown above. This connects to the threaded nut protruding from the bottom. This nut is covered with a rubber cap in the photo above. Click here to view top. Like all surge protectors we sell, these devices will not offer protection in the event of a direct lightning strike.

Order # Item Coverage Power Connector Price Order
  RT/N 2G 0-2000 MHz   200 Watts N Female Discontinued
#2054 HV/N 2G 0-2000 MHz 2000 Watts N Female Discontinued

After hundreds of protective firings of the arc cartridge or after a catastrophic surge, the arc cartridge may fail and require replacement. The Alpha Delta RT/N 2G and HV/N 2G surge protectors are designed to allow quick and easy replacement without the use of special tools. Simply unscrew the failed cartridge on the top and insert the replacement cartridge.

Order # Photo Item Replacement Cartridges Price Order
  RT/2G CART RT/2G CART For RT/N 2G Discontinued
#3378 HV/2G CART HV/2G CART For HV/N 2G $9.98

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