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The Diamond CA series of coax surge protectors offer wideband capability with extremely low loss. All three version boast an insertion loss of less than 0.2 dB. They can withstand a 6000A current of shock. Insulating resistance DC 100 V is over 10,000M ohms. The CA-35S is a favorite for HF through 2 meters. The CA-23RS and CA-23RW are capable of use to UHF and above. The CA-23RW is a weatherproof version. There are three version of this device depending on connector types, frequency and power capacity. Please note that all models can also be used for receive-only applications. For scanner or wideband applications we suggest the CA23S or CA23RW. Like all surge protectors we sell, this device will not offer protection in the event of a direct lightning strike.

Order # Item Coverage Power Connection Price Order
  CA-35S 0-1000 MHz   400 Watts UHF (SO239) Discontinued
  CA-23RS 0-2500 MHz   200 Watts N Female Discontinued
  CA-23RW 0-2500 MHz   200 Watts N Female Discontinued

After hundreds of protective firings of the arc cartridge or after a catastrophic surge, the arc cartridge may fail and require replacement. The pill replacements are designed to allow quick and easy replacement without the use of tools. Simply unscrew the failed cartridge and insert the replacement.

Order # Item Replacement Cartridges Price Order
#6181 SP3000F For CA23RS/RW (and SP3000W) VIEW  $8.95
#5724 SP1000F Fuse for CA35S [S350E] $8.95

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