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Antenna Super Market Zap Trapper

The Antenna Super Market Zap Trapper Twinlead is your protection solution for twin-lead fed shortwave receiving antenna. The leading cause of failure in modern shortwave radios is voltage buildups on antennas and feedlines. This can result from dry wind, dust and snow storms and by nearby and far-field lightning strokes. A nearby lightning struck can, by induction, place many thousands of volts on an antenna system. Damaging voltages can be induced by a lightning stroke as far as 15 miles away.

The Zap Trapper can be thought of as a voltage dependent switch that repeatedly and reliably shunts damaging currents to ground then immediately resets itself to a non-conductive state again (ready to "trap" the next surge). Antenna Super Market suggests you connect a twin-lead jumper between the back of your radio and the Zap Trapper T. Then the Zap Trapper must be connected directly to a earth ground (ground rod or cold water pipe) with heavy ground wire. The life of this device is dependent on the surge current magnitude and durations. The tube can last for thousands of cycles and will typically last for many years.

Please note that this device (and every other device we carry) does not offer protection in the event of a direct lightning strike. A direct strike will likely vaporize the antenna system and destroy everything attached to it. If you know a local thunderstorm is imminent the safest thing you can do is to unplug both the antenna feedline and the power cord from your receiver.

Please read the manufacturer's installation instructions and warnings before installing. This device is designed for receive only applications (not for transmitting). Like all surge protectors we sell, this device will not offer protection in the event of a direct lightning strike.

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