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Surge Protectors

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ATT3G50 (N)

The Alpha Delta ATT3G50 series of coax surge protectors offer wideband capability with extremely low loss. The innovative fast acting gas tube ARC-PLUG module can be replaced without tools. All models are weather proofed by the use of "O"-ring seals and all hardware is stainless steel. Made in America.

The ATT3G50 N version, shown above, can be used from DC to 3 GHz with typical dB loss of only 0.1 dB @ 1 GHz and 0.2 dB at 2 GHz. It can be used for receive or for transmit (up to 200 watts). Other specifications include:  impedance = 50 ohms, DC blocking = none, firing point = 350V less than 100 v/s, breakdown voltage = 20 to 30 V, surge current = 5000, size = 1 x 1.25 x 0.875 inches (25x32x22mm).

There are several versions of this device depending on frequency coverage, power capacity and connector type. Please note that all models can also be used for receive-only applications.
Please also see the optional UCGC ground clamp specifically designed for these devices.

Like all surge protectors we sell, these devices will not offer protection in the event of a direct lightning strike.

Order # Photo Item Frequency Power Connector List Price Order
  ATT3G50U/M90 ATT3G50U 0-  500 MHz   200 Watts UHF female to UHF female. VIEW Not in stock
#5776 ATT3G50U/M90 ATT3G50U/M90 0-  500 MHz   200 Watts UHF female to 90° elbow PL-259 $65.00 $31.98 Order
  ATT3G50UB ATT3G50UB 0-  500 MHz   200 Watts UHF female to UHF female
Bulkhead (0.75")
Not in stock
   ATT3G50UBXL ATT3G50UBXL 0-  500 MHz   200 Watts UHF female to UHF female
Bulkhead (1.50") VIEW PACKAGE
Not in stock
    ATT3G50U-HP 0-  500 MHz 2000 Watts UHF female to UHF female.
Not in stock
  ATT3G50 ATT3G50 (N) 0-3000 MHz   200 Watts N Female to N Female Not in stock
#5779   ATT3G50M 0-3000 MHz   200 Watts N Male to N Female VIEW PACKAGE $80.00 $39.98 Order
    ATT3G50BNC 0-3000 MHz   200 Watts BNC Female to BNC Female VIEW  Not in stock
     ATT3G50-HP 0-3000 MHz 2000 Watts N Female to N Female VIEW PACKAGE Not in stock
   ATT3G50F ATT3G50F 0-3000 MHz   200 Watts F Female to F Female Not in stock

After hundreds of protective firings of the arc cartridge or after a catastrophic surge, the arc cartridge may fail and require replacement.
To test your cartridge use a VOM from center pin of either coax connector and to brass knob. Check resistance. 1 Mega ohm to infinity is good. Below 1 Mega ohm is "blown".
The ATT30G50 surge protectors are designed to allow quick and easy replacement without the use of tools.
Simply unscrew the failed cartridge and insert the replacement.

Order # Item Replacement Cartridges Power Price Order
   3G50 ATT For ATT3G50U and ATT3G50 (N).   200 Watts Not in stock
  3G50 HP ATT-HP For ATT3G50(N)HP and ATT3G50UHP. 2000 Watts Not in stock

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