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Antenna Disconnect

Actuator Protector

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Paradan Antenna Disconnect

The Paradan Antenna Disconnect actuator protects your radio in two ways. When your radio is on, it prevents static-discharge, surges, and lightning-strike effects via a gas discharge tube on the coax line input. When it senses your radio is turned off, the antenna's signal and ground wires are shorted together and grounded plus both the coax center and coax ground are disconnected from the radio. When the radio is powered on, the actuator reconnects the antenna for normal operation. A great insurance policy for your radio. The required 12 Volt power for the actuator comes from the transceiverís auxiliary power socket. If your radio does not have an auxiliary power jack, then you can simply connect to your 12 VDC power supply (presuming you turn the power supply off when not operating).

If you do not have an auxiliary power jack and always leave your power supply on, there is an optional Radio On Sensor that connects in series with your radio's power line.
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This device provides a great deal of protection at a modest price. A green LED confirms the antenna is connected. Requires 10-18 VDC 60 mA. 4.8 x 2.6 x 1.6" 13 oz.

Please note that this device may not offer protection in the event of a direct lightning strike.

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