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ProComm JBC290

The ProComm JBC290 series of mobile scanner antennas are inconspicuous and offer great value. Coverage is from 25 to 1200 MHz (1.2 GHz). Each of the three antennas features a black 15.5 inch flexible whip element and comes with 12 feet of RG174 coaxial cable terminating to a BNC (or Motorola plug with a Motorola to BNC adapter).

The JBC290M version has a magnetic mount, the JBC290MM a mirror mount and the JBC290WC a car window mount.

Order # Item Mounting Type List Price Your Price Order
#0466 JBC290M Magnetic Mount $  25.00 $  23.95
#4574 JBC290MM Mirror Mount $  25.00 $  20.95
#3271 JBC290WC Window Clip Mount $  22.00 $  19.95

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