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Diamond RH789

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Diamond SRH789

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Amateur HT Antennas 
Diamond RH789 Diamond logo

The Diamond RH789 is an omnidirectional telescoping antenna for 95 MHz to 1100 MHz. There is a hinge at the base. It acts as 1/4 wave from 95-300 MHz and a 5/8 wave from 300 to 1100 MHz. This black, six section antenna is 7.9 inches retracted and 31.7 inches fully extended. Gain is 2.15 dBi from 95-300 MHz and 3.2 dBi from 300-1100 MHz). It terminates in a male BNC plug. 50 ohms.

The Diamond SRH789 is the same, but terminates in a male SMA connector (ready to screw into a female SMA). This SMA version makes an excellent indoor scanner antenna for Homepatrol. Both versions can also be used for transmit up to 10 watts.

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