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Valor PDC64
Car Antenna to
Scanner Coupler
BNC Plug


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Discontinued Scanner Antennas 
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The Valor PDC64 allows you to use your car's AM/FM antenna on your scanner or wideband receiver. Simply unplug the car antenna from the car's radio. Plug it into the female Motorola input of the PDC64. Then plug the Motorola plug output jumper back into the car's radio. Finally plug the BNC output jumper into your scanner. This device handles signals from 0 to 900 MHz and does not interfere with the car radio's reception. The output cable to the Motorola plug is 9 inches long and the the output cable to the BNC plug is 24 inches long.

(The PDC63 is similar, but for scanners that use a Motorola plug rather than a BNC plug. Click here to view PDC63).

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