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RFspace TSA-600
PCB Antenna

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RFspace TSA-600

The RFspace TSA-600 is an Ultra-Wideband (UWB) log periodic antennas covering 600 - 6000 MHz. Each antenna is hand tuned and tested to cover the specified frequency band continuously. You will not find a antennas this broadband for this price. It has a flatter and higher gain response than comparable log periodics of the same size. It has many uses including:
Wideband portable antenna for Rohde & Schwarz, Keysight, Agilent, HP Spectrum Analyzers
Ground Penetrating Radars (GPR)
Radio communications LTE, WIMAX, WIFI, PCS, UWB, GSM, HDTV, IoT, ADS-B
Signals and communications Intelligence (SIGINT, COMINT, ELINT)
Pulse Radar
5.8 GHz FPV / Drone comms
Broadband Software Defined Radio (SDR) Antenna
EMC testing
Spectrum analysis
Direction finding
Receive arrays

The antenna terminates to a female SMA. It may also be used for transmit up to 25 Watts.

Coverage: 600-6000 MHz
Gain: 11dBi @2.4 GHz, 10 dBi @4 GHz, 7 dBi @6 GHz
Power Handling: Up to 25 Watts
Aperture Width: 240mm (9.5 inches)
Length: 330mm (13 inches)
Weight: 227 g. (0.5 lbs.)
Connector Type: SMA


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