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Bearcat BCT15X

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Bearcat BCT15X

The Uniden Bearcat BCT15X is a GPS-enabled scanner that can automatically select nearby radio systems for scanning (GPS not supplied). The BCT15X also offers Unidenís unique BearTracker system, which alerts mobile users to public safety activity in their area as well as Close Callģ RF Capture Technology that automatically locks onto nearby signals with no programming necessary. The GPS-enabled feature offered by the BCT15X provides automatic system selection, which permits the scanner to turn system reception on or off depending on the userís location, and allows the user to customize the scanner display to show location-based information. In addition, when a GPS unit (not included with this scanner) is connected to the BCT15X, the scanner will send alerts at areas of special interest, such as dangerous intersections, school zones, or general points of interest. This model supports TrunkTracker III systems:  Motorola Type I/II/IIi Hybrid, EDACS and LTR analog trunk systems.

The BCT15X follows on the success of the BCT15, but expands memory to 9000 channels (with up to 500 channels per trunked system), enhanced GPS compatibility (controls the scanning of groups of channels within systems), channel number tagging, Fire Tone-Out Search (to identify the tones used on fire paging dispatch channels, band scope, individual channel volume offset and priority ID scan for trunked systems.

Your BCT15X comes with:  AC Adapter, Cigarette Lighter Adapter Power Cord, Three wire DC power cord, mounting bracket, push-on telescopic BNC antenna, Remote PC Serial Cable (DB9 female to Scanner plug) and Owner's Manual on CD. This scanner no longer receivers television audio.

Frequency Range
  •     25-  512 MHz
  •   764-  776 MHz
  •   794-  956 MHz (less cellular)
  • 1240-1300 MHz

Order # Item Description Your Price Order
#4764 USB1 USB cable (USB plug to scanner plug). [USB drivers at] $39.95
$31. 98
  BC RH96 Remote head with volume and squelch. INFO Discontinued
   BC-SGPS GPS module kit. INFO    Discontinued
  Butel ARCXT BA Basic control software CD. INFO Not in stock
   Scanmaster Manual XT Easier to Read Uniden XT Scanner Manual. INFO   Discontinued

Reminder ... the use of scanners (especially in vehicles) is restricted in some localities.

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